Mindy Kaling and BJ Novak are the most charming couple in Hollywood

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BJ Novak Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak are TV"s real-life "are they or aren't they" couple. Producers, writers and stars of the NBC smash The Office, so it makes total sense they would take the on-screen romance they wrote for their characters and recreated it in real life — you know, for art.

But that's not why we're mentioning it: Kaling and Novak gave New York a peek into their love life and working process by inviting them along to lunch at, of all places, Barneys:

Novak: The thing with Chris Pine [being in Sex And The City 2] is, like, “Oh, now she’s pining for her youth.”
Kaling: Pine-ing.
Novak: Nice.
Kaling: People like puns.

On Kaling’s upcoming book of humorous essays:
Kaling: I’ve been panicking about it every day since the deal was made. There’s a lot of pressure to tell a story about my life and have it be like, “And that’s when I realized I could be as good of a mom as my own mother.”
Novak: I don’t think there’s much that you would write about that people wouldn’t want to hear you talk about.
Kaling: What a nice thing to say. So what could I write about? Oh, I know: Rwanda, then and now.
Novak: It can be all about Don Cheadle.
Kaling: Every picture would be of murder sites and me smiling. It could be wildly offensive.
Novak: It would be wildly offensive, and that’s why I would buy it. You can’t go wrong with your voice.

Obviously, B.J. is madly in love with her — check out all those compliments.

Kaling: My favorite titles are Nancy Meyers movies. Every one of them could be called The One for the Other One. …Check, Please could be one. I spend way too much time thinking of Nancy Meyers movie titles.
Novak: Way too much time. It’s like 90 percent of your day.

We kind of love this story of sneaky ol' John Krasinski being responsible for getting these two comic masterminds back together off-screen:

[H]e tricked his pals by recruiting them to help plan his upcoming wedding to Emily Blunt. A source tells the National Enquirer, "(Krasinksi got them together) under the guise of planning his wedding and honeymoon. Before too long, the old spark reignited and the two were dating again."

"As B.J.'s best friend, John knew his pal never really got over Mindy. They dated for a long while but broke up over a year ago because of the difficulty of mixing work and romance. (But) they're in love again."