Mindy Kaling mocks rom-com clichés in the New Yorker

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Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling's no ditz, though she plays one on TV. In her recent essay for The New Yorker (excerpted from her upcoming book), the Office actress and writer takes on Kelly Kapour's favorite film genre the rom-com. While many of Hollywood's classic films are romantic comedies, the genre has become degraded in recent years. Kaling admits to loving rom-coms, despite their many flaws (and let's face it there are a lot). But who doesn't love watching two people fall in love, even if their story is ridiculously clichéd?

Kaling dissects the stock characters of romantic comedies you know, the klutz, the ethereal weirdo, the sassy best friend, the skinny woman who is beautiful and toned but also gluttonous and disgusting with hilarious accuracy. The essay is spot-on it's strong evidence that Kaling should be writing for the big screen.