More people watch videos on non-TV set devices while at home than anywhere else

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Why watch TV on your 56-inch flat-screen when you can just squint at your iPhone? According to new statistics from Nielsen, users of mobile devices are most likely to watch videos via apps from the likes of YouTube, Hulu, and others when they’re at home. A whopping seventy-four percent of participants use their smart phones, iPads, and other electronic tablets to view videos (presumably of cats) from their beds, couches, and kitchens, more so than any other setting listed in the Nielsen survey, which essentially renders these mobile devices, well, relatively immobile. 

Much to the chagrin of advertisers, it's become increasingly clear over the past few years that our viewing habits have shifted away from traditional, appointment-made TV-watching. While there are no stats on how many of the viewers surveyed have cable or even actual TV sets, it'd be interesting to see how many people are electing to watch video on their mobile devices out of sheer laziness (we know, picking up the remote control takes so much effort), rather than necessity.