MTV cancels “Skins”

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Oh, Skins, we barely knew ye. Only six months after the premiere of the British-imported, tweens-gone-wild drama, MTV has announced that they won't be bringing the show back next season. Riddled with controversy from the beginning — the show lost several sponsors, including Taco Bell and General Motors, due to its risque content — the show never found the traction with U.S. viewers that it had in the U.K.

In fact, the show's viewership dropped by half by the second episode and kept on declining. Perhaps it's a sign that viewers can no longer be shocked into interest by blatant sex-and-drugs-and-teens schtick. Skins promoted itself as racy, indulgent television, but with ample real-life sex scandals to entertain us, do we really need a scripted show to give us more of the same? I won't deny that Skins was provocative. It's just that no one cared.