MTV will air a special about abortion next week

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Abortion has remained a taboo topic on TV — the only shows I can think of that even broached the subject are Mad Men and Degrassi: The Next Generation (don't judge me) — but now MTV is planning to air a special next week about the issue. No Easy Decision, which will be shown on December 28 at 11:30, follows Markai, a young girl who was previously featured on 16 And Pregnant, as she decides whether or not to end her second pregnancy.

And while I applaud MTV's decision to produce such a show — because no matter your stance on abortion, not talking about at all it is probably the worst option — I'm a bit hesitant about the fact that Dr. Drew is involved. From what I can tell, he won't actually be advising Markai, but instead interviewing women who have chosen to end their pregnancies. But something about involving the man from Loveline and Celebrity Rehab strikes me as the wrong way to approach this issue.

Here's an interview with Markai after her appearance on 16 And Pregnant: