NBC comes predictably late to the vampire trend with Dracula drama

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Jokes about how NBC just cannot get its shit together are pretty old hat right now, but it's hard not to make them when they just keep doing things like this: the network has committed to a script-to-series deal on a Dracula-themed drama, inventively titled Dracula. Script-to-series, by the way, means that the network won't need to see a pilot if they like the script. Vampires: so hot for 2006.

The show is being produced by Tony Krantz (who has actually done some well-received stuff, like Felicity, 24 and Mulholland Dr.) and Colin Callender (who once did something called Television Scrabble). But will the show follow sexy modern Dracula, or sexy Bram Stoker Dracula, or sexy Transylvanian prince Dracula? Looks like they're going full-on period piece:

Set in the 1890s, it is described as “Dangerous Liaisons meets The Tudors” and as a big, sweeping international soap opera that is young, sexy and supernatural.

I'm not exactly sure what that analogy is trying to say; what exactly are we meant to be taking from each of those works that isn't found in the other? And what on earth do they have to do with Dracula? I know it's pointless to ask these questions, but if you're going to go the lazy route, the least you can do is make sure it makes sense.

I also know that Hollywood people's eyes turn into cartoon dollar signs when they hear the word vampire — and I'm sure vampire-related projects will keep making money — but trying to get in on the trend now just seems so sad. I mean, they've already been beaten by HBO, ABC, CBS, the CW, Syfy, and the BBC. Oddly, not Fox. Maybe Fox has the good sense to know when a ship has sailed.