NBC is developing a sitcom titled “My Best Friend Is A Lesbo”

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So, this is a serious question: does anyone ever actually use the term "lesbo"? Like, that's not a word people use, right? The title — which, like Good Christian Bitches and The Bitch In Apartment 23, is obviously going to be changed¹ — would sound much better if they went with "lez," a thing I've actually heard before and doesn't remind me of the vernacular of middle-school boys. Oh, right, about the show:

The project, from Warner Bros TV and Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage’s studio-based Fake Empire, is about two best female friends — one straight, the other gay — who become roommates and help each other navigate life, love, and dating in Los Angeles. The semi-autobiographical comedy is based on the real-life friendship of writers and longtime roommates Sascha Rothchild and Randi Barnes, who will co-pen the script together.

I want to like this, because there are nowhere near enough well-rounded LGBT characters on TV and lesbian characters may as well be unicorns they're so rare, but… while I deeply love The OC, it does not exactly prove Josh Schwartz's lesbian bona fides. (Remember when Marissa was a lesbian for like thirty minutes? That was a sad little spectacle.) But maybe it will turn out pulpy and campy and shiny in all the good ways Schwartz is known for! That would be exciting, and it's always nice to have reminders that, duh, gay people and straight people can be friends.

But for real, work on that title, guys.

¹And like Cougartown, which was originally titled Fuck Lane. True story.