NBC orders new Sarah Silverman pilot

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Well, here's some welcome news in these, the wretched days following NBC's idiotic decision to take the nerd-gasmic Community off the air, out back behind the shed, and send it off to TV show heaven: Sarah Silverman's getting another crack at it.

According to Deadline, the pilot will be "loosely based on Silverman’s life … as a woman readjusting to the single life after a decade-long live-in relationship." Which is, you know, fine and all. It'll be fun to see who gets cast as the stand-in for Jimmy Kimmel. And all of the greatest comedies come from, as the old saying goes, "writing what you know."

But the key aspect of all this news, the part that everyone's focusing on, is that, in Silverman, NBC's getting a third raunchy female comic to add to their roster, following Whitney's Whitney Cummings and Chelsea Handler, who is currently prepping the mid-season replacement Are You There, Chelsea? as we speak. With the move — especially if they pick up the show — the peacock is quickly becoming the go-to place for potty-mouthed ladies. The only problem with that line of thinking, though, as we've already seen with Whitney and are soon-to-see with the Handler show, is that NBC doesn't allow much "raunch" onscreen. Instead, they settle for ultra-toned-down versions of the comics, turning them to your basic "guys and girls have so little in common!" annoying stereotypes. It'll be interesting to see if they let Silverman do her thing, or if Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will continue being the only funny female comedians in the house.