NBC orders pilot of gritty The Munsters reboot, tacitly announcing complete lack of ideas

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NBC, proving they learned absolutely nothing from ABC's so-sexy-it-was-cancelled-after-four-episodes reboot of Charlie's Angels, has ordered a pilot of of Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller's reimagining of the 1960s CBS sitcom The Munsters.

The use of such joyful buzzwords as "visually spectacular," and "imaginative reinvention" were what first engaged me with this potential (and probable) nightmare, but what really sold me is that Fuller first attempted to revive The Munsters last year, and failed. This year, though, after NBC yanked Community, apparently there's a void that can only be filled by gritty reboots. The series is set to be an "edgier and slightly darker take exploring [the] origins of Herman and Lily Munster… and how they arrived at the famed 1313 Mockingbird Lane." While in theory this could be incredibly asinine, in practice, it might only be incredibly mundane.

Interestingly enough, my research for this post revealed that the Munsters already have a far-too-detailed-for-this-level-of-buffoonery backstory. For instance, did you know that Herman was a World War II veteran, and that Lily's brother was a werewolf, thus explaining how a vampire and a Frankenstein's monster gave birth to a werewolf? Also, how did they even conceive — no… stop. That way madness lies.