NBC picks up tasteful, witty Dane Cook sitcom

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Everyone hates Dane Cook, right? I mean, everyone who isn't an eighteen-to-twenty-four-year-old bro, that is. Well, NBC doesn't, because they just ordered six episodes of Next Caller Please, in which Cook will play an abrasive, Howard Stern-esque (in their words, "alpha male") radio DJ who will clash hilariously with his new producer, a staunchly liberal feminist (who will in no way be some kind of one-note caricature).

Sexual tension will almost surely ensue, because the various the various creative minds behind his projects continue to believe that Dane Cook is attractive, despite the fact that he looks like the kind of Jack Daniels-besotted, TapOut-shirt-wearing guy who grabs your girlfriend's butt at a bar, then tries to fight you over it. 

Oh, and NBC is also cancelling Chelsea Handler's sitcom. Which is fine with me in practice, because Chelsea Handler is… well, she's actually kind of the lady-version of Dane Cook, now that I think about it. But in theory, I'd rather see another female-comedian-driven sitcom (however unfunny it may be) than something starring Dane Cook. Because television really needs yet another hackneyed sitcom about a slobbish male clashing with someone who isn't a slobbish male. I mean, now that How To Be A Gentleman is canceled, who will provide the groin-grabbingly funny jokes that a sitcom based on the "He does things this way but this other person does things this way" model will inevitably deliver?