NBC producing a big celebration for Betty White’s 90th birthday

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Betty White is having a career renaissance that is probably unparalleled in Hollywood history, and even if it's not at quite the same level as it was back when she hosted SNL, it's showing few signs of stopping. And now she's turning ninety! Is there a way we can make this into a big thing? I bet there's money to be made in this situation. NBC certainly thinks so:

Invitations are going out for NBC's 90th birthday celebration for beloved TV icon Betty White. The dinner-style event is expected to be filmed in Los Angeles before year's end and will air as a special sometime close to Betty's milestone on January 17, 2012.

Among the famous faces likely to offer on-camera tributes: stars from Betty's series, The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Hot in Cleveland, as well as funny ladies from the NBC comedy lineup.

I know that it's a huge tragedy (and I'm not being sarcastic) that none of the stars of The Golden Girls are alive anymore with the exception of White, but let's not pretend that Hot In Cleveland is one of the reasons she's famous. (That White is famous is one of the reasons Hot In Cleveland is, in fact.) This sounds like fun, as most things involving Betty are, but also… guys, she's going to be ninety. Do you think we maybe could let her just chill on her birthday? I'm twenty-four, and I get tired about the big to-do birthdays often turn into. When I'm her age I'd probably shoot someone if they made me do much more than eat cake and watch TV. (And this is why I'm never going to be Betty White.)