NBC removes Community from its midseason lineup

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NBC released its midseason lineup yesterday, returning 30 Rock to its almost unimpeachable Thursday night comedy block, and bringing the generally lovable Up All Night to its rightful place. Though… wait, if that's 30 Rock, Parks & Rec, The Office, and Up All Night… where's Community?

I don't generally like to break this out, because it needs to be saved for special occasions, but: I will cut someone if this show is canceled. (Haha, kidding, nice police officers!) I'm abandoning all humor here: this is one of the best shows on TV, it expands the boundaries of the sitcom genre, and I refuse to let it die while Two and a Half Men is on the air. I understand that ratings need to be considered, and quality is more or less a secondary thought — let's just all take a moment and ponder that fact — but this is a TV tragedy on the order of the mishandling Friday Night Lights.

But let's get moving: Showtime or HBO, you interested?