NBC renews Community and 30 Rock, but with shortened (now-final) seasons

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In a move that is simultaneously streets ahead and totally pulling a Britta (which, to the uninitiated, means "to make a small mistake"), NBC has renewed vitriol-spewing-internet-people-favorite Community and pretty good 30 Rock, with one catch: they're only getting thirteen or fourteen-episode seasons. 

Community is one of those shows that seems perennially on the cusp of cancelation, but always comes back, usually with the help of the aforementioned internet people. It's almost as if NBC thinks that by constantly taunting Greendale's diehard fans with cancelation, it'll somehow help ratings. Don't they know everybody who loves television just pirates it nowadays?

30 Rock has been the center of Baldwin-related cast drama — Baldwin threatened to quit the show because NBC was pissing him off. Also, 30 Rock has also been on the air forever, and there's been a general consensus that it's experienced something of a decline in quality.

Community is easily the best sitcom on network TV right now, but if it goes longer than four seasons it might descend into illogical absurdity. "Why haven't they graduated yet?" people would ask, and though a show that frequently goes on metaphysical tangents would probably be able to handle that, I'm just not sure it's necessary. Still, the shortened season is a shame — just because a show may not be able to sustain itself past a certain point, doesn't mean it shouldn't be given the opportunity to sustain itself up to that point.

It's a shame that Community can't get a full season while Glee For Old People (Smash, for those of you keeping track at home) continues to thrive on NBC. But hey, TV is a business, not an awesome-stuff-atorium — the show that makes the most money will always win.

UPDATE: Apparently both shows will end after these final "send-off seasons."