NBC sells out Super Bowl advertising

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If you're an aspiring entrepreneur/Etsy store owner, and you planned on purchasing coveted Super Bowl ad time to promote your business , it looks like you'll have to wait till 2013. The New York Times reports that NBC has sold all of its 30-second ads for the Feb. 5 game in Indianapolis, at an average of $3.5 million. That's up from the $3 million that Fox earned from ads when it broadcast the game last year.

The network is expected to air seventy commercials during the Super Bowl, leading to an estimated $208 million in revenue. That's not counting the revenue from the six commercials that will run during halftime, as well as all ad space for pregame programming.

Senior vice president for sales and marketing for the NBC Sports Group Scott Winter says that he expects the network will "shatter all prior records for that day," and NBC is also expected to rake in the big bucks by selling advertising on its live streamed broadcast of the Super Bowl. So when you tune into the Super Bowl February 5th during commercial break and you see Betty White doing the "Friday" rap in a Snickers ad with Charlie Sheen, that's $3.5 million worth of 2011 pop culture references NBC's trying to cram in there. Enjoy your $4 Domino's wings and six-pack of Gennese while you're watching the game, you broke fucks.