NBC’s The Playboy Club gets cancelled, unsurprisingly

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Amber Heard and Naturi Naughton get ready to look for new jobs

Since it was announced, The Playboy Club (along with ABC's Pan Am) has been accused of merely capitalizing on the Mad Men-spurred '60s fad. Well, it's now been canceled, and much quicker than usual.

Granted, this is no surprise to anyone. People were shouting for the show's cancelation long before it even aired. Morality watchdog groups and feminists alike were condemning the program for its risque subject matter and negative gender roles for women. Gloria Steinem might've had a point, since the show arguably presented serving drinks to men while wearing skimpy outfits as the '60s equivalent of riot grrrl.

But probably more damning than any ethical concerns was the derivative premise. The whole of The Playboy Club seemed lifted from "Hands and Knees," an episode of Mad Men in which someone visits a Playboy Club to see a Bunny he's been dating. (NBC didn't do much to deflect that criticism; they actually got Naturi Naughton, the same exact girl from the Mad Men episode, to play essentially the same exact character. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they just went ahead and bought the costumes and set pieces from AMC.)

So, another program is added to the NBC graveyard. In the meantime, The Playboy Club will be replaced by repeats of NBC's newest drama, Prime Suspect… which is also doing poorly. Maybe what they need is a thinly veiled ripoff of Breaking Bad. Probably not, actually.