Important holiday news: Netflix is streaming “Fireplace For Your Home”

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Fireplace for home

It's been a rough couple months for Netflix: they raised their prices and lost a bunch of customers and money. To try to improve the situation, they created — and then destroyed — Qwikster, the worst-named web product since BlackBerry's career site, RIM jobs, and lost a bunch more customers and money. However, they might be back in the game just in time for the holidays with the now-streaming "Fireplace For Your Home" — otherwise known as 'one of those videos of fires for people too poor to have fireplaces.'

The holiday series comes in two sixty-minute episodes, both available now. According the company's website:

Suitable for any time of the year, Fireplace For Your Home includes our famous old-fashioned, wood-burning fireplace, as well as a natural crackling yule log fireplace all set to Christmas holiday favorites.

The comment board on Netflix bustles with glowing comments, pointing out the show's convenience (no wood! no smoke!), amazing special effects, and devastating cancelation after a mere two episodes. And of course, it's available in HD. 

So, log into the the Netflix account you share with all 284 of your building mates, hide a space-heater behind your TV or large computer monitor, and get "Fireplace" up there pronto. Because, while I realize (as I'm sure some of you more eagle-eyed readers would have pointed out) that this "breaking news" is neither in the strictest senses of the words, it felt like new that needed sharing. Because the holidays are all about bringing people together — whether you live in sprawling country estate, or a small studio apartment above an air-shaft.