New reality show offers $1 million to escape from L.A. undetected

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How it took so long for someone to watch the mostly-terrible-yet-still-highly-entertaining 1996 John Carpenter movie Escape From L.A. and think, "Hey, this would make a good reality show," is beyond me. But someone did. And it's finally here!

On December 8th, The History Channel will air a one-hour reality show called Off the Grid that follows two ordinary folks as they try "to make their way out of the center of Los Angeles without being detected and caught by a team of top-notch security professionals." The said professionals will have at their disposal the latest in surveillance equipment, tracking software, and old-fashioned John Locke-esque (from Lost, not the father of liberalism) "broken twigs mean they went this way" know-how. If either of the two make it out of L.A. undetected, they get a cool mill.

The show was filmed over a six-hour period a few months back, and it's unclear if this is a pilot that will see subsequent installments if the first one performs ratings-wise or if it's a one-time dealy. In either case, it'll be nice and creepy to see the advanced surveillance equipment that's out there nowadays, from ATM cameras to red light cameras to mobile phone GPS tracking software, further proof that the ability to get truly "off the grid" is now nearly impossible. Sweet dreams, everyone!