New show “Temps” coming from creators of “Party Down”

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Fans of the late lamented Starz comedy series Party Down (who seem to be legion now that the damn thing's been cancelled) have something to look forward to; Party Down creators Rob Thomas, Jon Enbom, and Dan Etheridge have just sold a pilot for the similar sounding Temps to NBC. Where Party Down concerned struggling actors forced to work as Hollywood caterers, Temps is about recent college graduates forced to work as, uh, temps. (Having logged some time in the field myself, I can say it's ripe for the existential-despair-themed comedy Party Down did so well.) According to Thomas, Temps will feature a different job each week, as its predecessor did, but will also go into the home lives of its characters (as its predecessor didn't). This definitely sounds promising, even if we're sad that Martin Starr (whom we interviewed here) and Nerve über-crush Lizzy Caplan probably won't be among the cast.