New study links TV watching habits with personality types

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Did you know that fans of the The Office are more likely to be snobs? And that fans of Glee are more likely to be "experimentalists," whatever that means? It's true! A new study from Mindset Media conducted to help marketers get into your head has found, not shockingly, that like-minded people follow the same shows. That just seems like logic, but the most interesting thing they found is that people who watch The Office are douchebags. (I watch The Office.)

These alpha dogs believe they are extraordinary and happily brag about their accomplishments. They also prefer to be in charge, directing others rather than being directed. Brands that would be a good buy on the show include Starbucks and BMW Series 3, while McDonald's and Lincoln Town Car would not be so good.

…Ew. The study looked at many shows, from Dancing With the Stars to The Real Housewives of Orange County, also finding that people who watch Family Guy are more likely to be rule breakers. (Especially the rule about not watching terrible TV shows.)