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The girls from The Office are back! Kelly and Erin reunited their sexy girl group to produce a follow-up video to "Male Prima Donna." (If you missed it, don't worry. I've got you covered). Their newest video, "Girl Next Door," is described as Taylor-Swift-esque. Yes! Mindy Kaling, who directed it, had some very serious words to share with Vulture on the art of creating a music video:

"As you can see from the Bridesmaids poster, Ellie has perfected the "hot scornful girl" look which drives people crazy. We utilized this to great effect. B.J. [Novak] has natural singing ability and takes direction very well, whether it be from me or Quentin Tarantino in Inglourious Basterds. For my own preparation as an actor, I did a very specific diet of a low-glycemic carbs, grilled fish, and a medium-sized dessert at every meal."

Are you ready? Are you shaking with anticipation? No? Okay, just me. Here's a sneak peek of the video which debuts in full tomorrow on

And here's their first video for "Male Prima Donna." I told you I had you covered.

Commentarium (8 Comments)

May 05 11 - 12:25pm

Juvenile, yes, but true all the same. Smart girls are hot cubed.

May 06 11 - 8:51am
Buck Nbast

Only if they have big boobs.

May 05 11 - 1:22pm

There are few things less funny than the lame attempts of the writers of The Office to make something go viral. Terrible webisodes. Stupid lip-dubs. And that tremendously awful dancing down the aisle scene at Pam and Jim's wedding. At this point in time I'd rather jack it to old episodes of 227 then watch new episodes of The Office.

May 05 11 - 1:51pm

Wow, you commentors are the most negative nancys ever. How about... the videos are funny? Yay, I chuckled for half a second today at work instead of, pssssshh trying to viral, ha, i'm so smart, i know what viral is, i'm going to shit all over this.

i personally read blogs to be entertained and engaged... why do you people? sheesh.

May 05 11 - 3:51pm

I'm rich and I'm pretty and I have high self esteem.

That's written on my bathroom mirror in red lipstick.

May 06 11 - 5:09am

Come on.. who can hate this? Ed Helms is hilarious the whole time. ...The WHOLE time!!!!

Jul 22 11 - 4:38am

This artclie went ahead and made my day.