TV this fall to include lots of “powerful women” and “emasculated men”

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Over at The Huffington Post, they're busy analyzing ABC, Fox, and NBC's new TV show line-up. According to them, these shows "focus on beautiful and/or powerful women, and the slightly emasculated, slacker guys who love them." Among other examples, Whitney Cummings and Christina Applegate will each get shows (they'll be playing attractive women), and Zooey Deschanel stars in New Girl on Fox.  

Intrigued? Me too. Let us watch:

Interesting. What I see here is Zooey Deschanel comparing being cheated on to being murdered by a serial killer, doing a goofy, naked dance with a pillow, and knocking over a plant, to which she sings: "I'll pick it up laterrr."

She also cries three times in the trailer, and the words "Starting over takes courage" flash across the screen, followed by "It takes a little black dress." Really, this is the new generation of female comedy? Because it seems a lot like the old ways in which women were funny.

Oh wait, I get it, she's wearing glasses. My bad. Hilarity.