News anchor falls on live TV while comparing high heels to orgasm

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Footwear designer Christian Louboutin recently told the U.K.'s Sunday Times about a conversation he once had with a French academic regarding the possible effect that high heels may have on a woman's libido. According to Louboutin, "She said that what is sexual in a high heel is the arch of the foot, because it is exactly the position of a woman's foot when she orgasms. So putting your foot in a heel, you are putting yourself in a possibly orgasmic situation." Which sounds exactly like what someone trying to sell some shoes might say. (Though I can't picture Al Bundy talking like that.)

It sounds like Louboutin may have cause and effect switched around there, but there's no doubt about the sexual connotations of high heels, especially in the realm of S&M. (Think high heel as phallic symbol, and the word "stiletto" itself.) High heels also raise the buttocks as much as 25%. Though many women see high heels as empowering, others decry them as a crippling mechanism of patriarchy, upholding fascist beauty standards, and not worth the risk of arthritis, ankle fractures, nerve damage, and varicose veins.

Reporting on Louboutin's comments earlier this week, Sukanya Krishnan and Frances Rivera, morning anchors for New York's WB-affiliate WPIX, began to talk about the correlation of painful high heels to orgasm, while showing off their shoes for the TV audience. Krishnan said:

"So my arch helps me to… climax? Very nice. That's why I tell my husband I'm in pain all the time. It feels so good."

She then proceeded to trip and fall down on the studio floor, reminding us of yet another hazard of wearing heels.