Nickelodeon scores big by bringing back your favorite ’90s shows

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We here at Nerve had some reservations about Nickelodeon's plan to bring some of its '90s classics back to TV in the "90s Are All That" block. For one thing, it was going to be on Teen Nick. For another, it was all showing after midnight. That doesn't spell certain doom, sure, but it does seem a risky combo, considering we're talking about repeats of shows that just might not have held up since we were kids. Are people (who even get Teen Nick) actually going to stay up past midnight to see Kenan and Kel?

Short answer: yes, very much so. The ratings for Monday night's first foray into '90s nostalgia are in, and the block of shows was a huge hit for the channel. According to Vulture:

Among viewers 18-34, the demo Teen Nick is targeting in late-night, The 90s attracted ratings roughly 850 percent higher than the channel's previous time period average in the midnight to 2 a.m. block.

Mind you, that "850 percent higher" translates to audiences (in the valuable eighteen to thirty-four demo) of 189,000 to 265,000 viewers. Not exactly enough to beat CSI, but apparently enough to beat most of its competition in that time slot, which is almost exclusively repeats anyway. It looks like Nickelodeon has learned the lesson places like Urban Outfitters have been exploiting for years: never underestimate the power of nostalgia over this generation.