Nigerian “Sesame Street” to star HIV-positive muppet

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Kami of the Nigerian 'Sesame Street' is HIV-positive.

Sesame Square, the Nigerian version of Sesame Street, is under construction. But their version will feature something our version does not: Kami, an HIV-positive muppet

Kami, CNN reports, is "a girl muppet who is HIV-positive, has golden hair, and a zest for adventure." (Also, Nerve would like to report that 'muppet' is apparently unrecognized by most SpellCheck technologies.)

Regardless of what viruses the show features, Sesame Square will probably do well, because half of Nigeria's 150 million citizens are under the age of 14 (though I don't know what percentage has televisions). Also, South Africa has had the same HIV-positive muppet for a few years now, and that country's doing fine. Or is it?