No one wants “The Kennedys” after the actual Kennedys got it pulled from the History Channel

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I wouldn't say I wanted to see the History Channel's miniseries The Kennedys, but I will admit that I was curious about Katie Holmes' portrayal of Jackie O. (Crazy cult husband or no, I like her onscreen! Chock it up to a youth too heavily exposed to Dawson's Creek.) But it's looking like I'll never get the chance to see Joey Potter as the iconic First Lady: after the History Channel suddenly put the kibosh on the project — which is already done and just waiting to air — apparently no one wants to touch it. Both Starz and FX passed.

So why is this miniseries homeless? Well, for one thing, it was expensive, and the A&E Television Network, which produced it, will want to make some bank off of it. For another, no one wants to piss off the actual Kennedys, who don't really want their dirty laundry aired out again:

AETN canceled plans to broadcast the controversial miniseries… amid intense behind-the-scenes pressure from the Kennedy family (particularly Caroline Kennedy and Maria Shriver), whose members had lobbied AETN execs and board members including Disney’s Anne Sweeney and NBC Universal’s Jeff Zucker and Jeff Gaspin to kill the project since it was announced in December 2009.

On the one hand, boo to caving in to a still-powerful political family because they don't like the way they are being portrayed in a show on the History Channel. (It has a show called Pawn Stars, for God's sake. No one takes it seriously.) On the other, if it were my parents I'd probably do the same.