Now Stephen Colbert is walking off “The View”

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Stephen Colbert talking to Tim Russert on "Meet the Press."

Keeping up with television is daunting enough as it is, but it becomes more so when we have to start watching The View every day. In honor (or mockery) of Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg's walk off of their own show last week, the righteous Stephen Colbert defended 'Papa Bear' Bill O'Reilly's rant and promptly stormed off the set.

And then, probably realizing that there were no television cameras backstage, the fame-loving Colbert quickly came back. 

Other fun parts of the interview include him denigrating Jon Stewart's competing rally ("It's like wearing an extra-medium: it doesn't make any sense.") and claiming to have attended Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Freedom March via his mom's womb.