One Million Moms now has a problem with “offensive” Liquid-Plumr ad

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Perhaps you remember the terrible socially-conservative group One Million Moms, who we last heard from when they tried to get everyone to boycott J.C. Penney because the store hired noted gay person Ellen DeGeneres as their (gasp!) spokesperson. Well, the group is back at it, calling on everyone who has God in their hearts and an understanding of exactly where their genitals should go to boycott The Clorox Company after an offensive and tasteless commercial for Liquid-Plumbr. 

Here's the spot:

That is, by the way, officially "too hot for TV" — a heavily-edited 30-second version of the ad is what actually appears on television. This is the director's cut. But what's funny about any conservative outrage is when they try to explain what exactly is so offensive in their dry and awkward lingo. Observe

In her dream she is at home and answers the door to find a sexy plumber. The plumber is nice looking with huge biceps and a tight shirt. He says, "I'm here to snake your drain." She says come on in and he walks upstairs. The doorbell rings again and it is a second sexy plumber. He says, "I'm here to flush your pipe." She answers with an okay and while he walks on upstairs she lets out a squeal and moan while letting down her hair."

What really gets their goat, though, is the subliminal lurid background graphic at the end: 

It may be a coincidence, but the man in produce is standing beside cucumbers with a price sign behind him reading 69 cents.

Oh, conservative moms, I certainly do not think it was a coincidence!