Parents Television Council releases chart of our favorite swears

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George Carlin Mugshot

When I was growing up, one of my favorite comedy bits was George Carlin's "Seven Words You Can Never Say On Television." It wasn't so much that I found the act ridiculously funny; rather, I loved how much controversy those few minutes of stand-up had caused, particularly when Carlin got a radio station in trouble after they played a clip of him doing a variation on "Seven Dirty Words."

The Parents Television Council just hit me in the same sweet spot that Carlin did — in some part of my brain set aside for information that somehow combines irony, hypocrisy, and obscenity. The PTC just put out a press release that includes a six page PDF file of all the "swear words" they heard on network television, categorized together in a nifty little chart and organized by primetime time slots. Imagine if they had watched HBO for ten minutes: they would've all died of heart attacks.

The funniest part of all: the document is titled "Habitat For Profanity". Nobody could accuse these prudes of not having a sense of humor.

Parents Television Council obscenity chart