“Party Down” cast reunites for a brief, blissful moment on “Children’s Hospital”

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Party Down cast

Do you know the best thing about really funny TV shows that no one ever watched? You can steal jokes from them and no one will ever know. Like the other day, I was hanging out with a crew of mixologists (long story), and they were talking shop: muddle this, swizzle that, sazerac, etc. And one of them said, "I accidentally added an extra jigger of Scotch to this guy's drink." To which I said, "Excuse me, I believe the politically correct term is 'Jegro.'" And I got probably the best laugh I've ever gotten out of a group of strangers in my life. I was a hero! 

Inside, however, I felt the tiniest inkling of shame: I didn't make that line up. It's totally one-hundred-percent stolen from Party Down, one of those aforementioned incredible shows that somehow no one ever watched. As such, it was canceled after its two-season run on Starz, to little fanfare (since, like I said, no one watched it). 

But, for the eighteen or so of you out there who did love Party Down, you can relive the happiest days of your lives with this brief but great reunion of the cast (minus Adam Scott), brought in to do some catering on Children's Hospital. They text, flirt, piss off the boss, and make a bunch of anti-Semitic jokes. Check it out: