Passionate, if misguided, “Occupy 30 Rock” movement fights to save “Community”

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Community Troy and Abed

The 99% have woken up, organized, and they're making their voices heard. Of course, in this instance, we're talking about 99% of the people in a large shopping mall, or roughly the number of people who actually watch Community.

This afternoon, a bunch of passionate TV-watchers descended on 30 Rockefeller Plaza to protest the suspension (and perhaps cancellation) of NBC's Community. Calling themselves "Occupy 30 Rock" the protesters gathered around Rock Center's giant Christmas tree to sing Christmas carols, (specifically, holiday favorite "Oh, Christmas Troy") in an act of a passionate-yet-seasonal civil disobedience — that was likely mistaken by most for just some more annoying holiday cheer. 

video from the protest suggests the turnout was surprisingly high, but predictably, most of the action took place in the micro-blogosphere. #SaveCommunity was trending this afternoon. Joel McHale and show creator Dan Harmon chimed in (though neither actually came to the event). 

I, for one, feel pretty mixed about the whole thing. On the one hand, Community is an amazing, wacky show. Writing this post has given me a wonderful excuse to spend a lot of time watching amazing clips (like this one, and this one, and this one). On the other hand, should we really be protesting someone like Joel McHale losing his job, when half of America is officially in poverty, the government is broken, and global warming is turning the Arctic into rapidly melting ice penises

Then again, in tough times like these, maybe Troy and Abed's antics are just the comfort we all need.