Pat Robertson is confused by mac and cheese, thinks it’s “a black thing”

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Just in time for the holidays, Pat Robertson has provided the world with some new senile, Thanksgiving-themed gibberish, musing on his show that the mysterious dish many of us know as mac and cheese must be "a black thing."

After rolling a clip in which a black 700 Club correspondent talked to Condoleeza Rice about their mutual love of macaroni and cheese at Thanksgiving, a bewildered Robertson asked,"What is this 'mac and cheese,' is that a black thang?" 

Surprisingly, the correspondent was right there with him, helpfully explaining, "It is a black thing, Pat! […] The world needs to get on board with macaroni and cheese!" I'm not sure what I missed, but who among us has not been eating mac and cheese? Barring that, hasn't everyone at least heard of it?

Watch the clip above for the full exchange, and decide for yourself what's stranger here: the fact that Robertson seems to have never encountered mac and cheese at all, or that Rice says she only allows herself to eat the dish once a year. Seriously, what is going on?!