Pat Robertson says Islamic fundamentalists wouldn’t tolerate religious satire and neither should we

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In a twist that no one could have predicted, Saturday Night Live's recent sketch in which a laid-back Jesus visits the Denver Broncos' locker room to tell quarterback Tim Tebow to "take it down a notch" has raised Pat Robertson's ire several notches.

Never mind the fact that the sketch — which Robertson most likely hasn't watched, unless someone transferred it to Betamax — is about as mild as parody gets. And leave aside the fact that the jokes are directed not at Jesus but at the football prowess of Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos. The All-father of the Christian Broadcast Network nevertheless cited it as the latest example of a virulent "anti-Christian bigotry that is just disgusting."

Robertson and always-supportive co-host Terry Meeuwsen then cataloged all the terrible things that would have surely happened if SNL's mild parody had featured Mohammed and aired in a Muslim country, and went on to lament America's lack of similar fervor. "You would have found bombs being thrown off!," mused Robertson. "And bodies on the street," added Meeuwsen gamely. "And bodies on the street," agreed Robertson, wistfully.

Indeed, what kind of country are we living in in which a late-night television spoof leaves not a measly bomb thrown? Not a single body in the street? A country that's not religious enough, clearly. The devout bobble-head (who called the 2010 earthquake in Haiti a "blessing in disguise") went on to praise Tebow and say "we need more religious faith in our society."

Here's the wildly offensive sketch in question, in case you missed it: