Amateur meteorologist and extremist hate-monger Pat Robertson has released a few helpful tornado-safety tips in reaction to the recent deadly tornadoes in the Midwest:

1. Pray more.
2. "Don't build houses where tornados are apt to happen."

Both tips are from today's episode of Robertson's program The 700 Club, favorite show of evangelical Christians, gay-bashing closeted homosexuals, Pat Robertson, and really high college students who don't know what channel The Price is Right is on. In the clip below, Robertson emphatically claims that any disaster victims are at fault for living where there are disasters. Basically, don't live near a fault line if you don't want to fall into it, don't live near a coast if you don't want to get tsunamied, etc. That sounds reasonable: everyone has complete control over where they have the means to live, obviously. That's in the Bible somewhere, I'm sure.

Robertson's tornado tips proudly join his earlier earthquake-safety tip: don't make pacts with the devil to escape French rule. As with earthquakes, Robertson seems to be confused about what actually causes tornadoes. While he says prayer would've stopped them, he also says that they are caused by "warm groups of air coming up against the cold masses up the north. God doesn't send tornadoes." Hmm. Someone's been watching Bill Nye the Science Guy. Watch the full video below:

Commentarium (2 Comments)

Mar 06 12 - 12:23am

But he still can't explain the tides!

Mar 06 12 - 11:57am

I just checked the calendar and it informed me it is 2012. If anyone still believes saying a prayer magically makes shit happen either needs to pull head out of ass or get in time machine and roll dial back to dark ages where such beliefs were acceptable due to profound ignorance.
The day religious people no longer have a place to publicly comment about the powers of the cosmic daddy is a day to truly rejoice. Really, if you want to waste your time and energy believing in the dark tales constructed by the ignorant ancients keep it to your fucking self.
As long as we allow theses people to have power over public policy and a place to spew hate and fear we will have a society poisened with it.