Paul Giamatti will be grouchy on “30 Rock”

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Paul Giamatti and Jon Hamm set to appear in 30 Rock.

While "on the red carpet" (worst phrase ever), Tina Fey told Entertainment Weekly that Paul Giamatti would appear on an upcoming 30 Rock as "an editor who works down in this kind of cavernous edit room" (best phrase ever). The character, she continued, would be a "grouchy, Staten Island" type.

This came moments after she revealed that Jon Hamm would be appearing in the new season's much-hyped live episode, but that bit of news is less exciting because Hamm can be seen nearly anywhere, not least of all television. But Giamatti, he of American Splendor and HBO's John Adams, has pretty much been playing grumpy, cave-dwelling editors his whole life, so it'll be fun to see how his years of training will compete against 30 Rock's in-house Paul Giamatti, Scott Adsit. 

Scott Adsit of 30 Rock will appear with Paul Giamatti.