Paul Rudd will run against Leslie Knope on Parks & Recreation

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It's almost a Wet Hot American Summer reunion! Except I don't think Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler ever had any scenes together, and it would be missing about 90% of the cast. The point is these two wonderful comedians seem like they move in the same circles, and so this is great news, and the only thing I can find to prove this is a strange video made by Vanity Fair. Please just go with me on this:

But back to Parks & Rec: it looked like Leslie Knope's campaign had almost derailed after the revelation about her relationship with Ben Wyatt (totes worth it), but no. She's continuing her run for city councilwoman, and now we know she's up against someone just as cute, Paul Rudd:

The star of films such as I Love You, Man and Role Models will appear in at least one upcoming episode of Parks and Recreation, Vulture has learned. Nobody from the show or NBC would confirm the casting, but our industry sources say Rudd shot his scenes late last year.

Here's hoping it's not just one episode, and maybe somehow he has a scene with Adam Scott and Chris Pratt. Maybe in like a steam room or something. A boy can dream, right?