Portlandia going on half-comedy, half-music tour

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The indie-est of all sketch comedy TV shows, Portlandia, is returning to our screens this January on IFC. (Thankfully.) But since a lot of people probably don't get IFC or know how to find IFC or even know that IFC is a channel, co-creators Fred Armisen (of Saturday Night Live) and Carrie Brownstein (of Sleater-Kinney and Wild Flag) have decided to take this show on the road! Not surprisingly, given the talents of the two, the stage show will feature clips from the new season, live music, and "personal anecdotes," which I assume will be humorous.

So, where will Armisen and Brownstein be spreading their comedy message? What formerly dark places will finally see the shiny light of incredibly niche, hipster-focused good times? Why such places as, uh… Brooklyn! And Seattle! And New York City, which they're counting as a different location than Brooklyn but c'mon, they're connected by like three bridges and billion subways. And… Portland. Okay, so maybe the message won't be reaching that much of a wider audience. But as one of the two-hundred people who watch the show, I'm super-jazzed!