Promo for ‘Weeds’ season six introduces us to the Newmans

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Those would be the Botwins, of course, as they try to establish a new life for themselves in Seattle. (You can guess how successful they’ll be at leaving their old ways behind them.) If there are two things I appreciate about Weeds, it’s the willingness to let the show completely uproot itself and the unwillingness to make the characters nice people. Because, uh… these people are just a little bit evil:

I wouldn’t want them any other way, of course. You hit that woman with a croquet mallet, Shane! You keep making incredibly poor, unbelievably self-interested life choices, Nancy! The show has been off its game recently, in my opinion, but hopefully this new shake-up will help it get its legs back. What do you guys think: will the new season give new life to the show, or is this the last dying gasp of a once great series?

Via Vulture.