PTC deems MTV’s Skins “most dangerous television show ever” before it even airs

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Skins MTV

Say what you will about the Parents Television Council — really, please do — but they do work quickly. Even though it doesn't premiere until next week, the PTC has already struck out at MTV's version of cult Channel 4 series Skins, calling it "the most dangerous television show for children that we have ever seen."

Not too surprisingly, the council didn't take kindly to MTV's campaign for the show, which includes a website asking teens to post stories of their own Skins-esque "trouble," presumably meaning anything to do with sex, drugs, Four Loko, or a potent combination of the three. "The marketing campaign itself makes light of lying to parents and participating in all manner of harmful, irresponsible, illegal, and adult-themed behavior," said a spokesman for the PTC. Insert your own "parents just don't understand" joke here.