Ratings for Two and a Half Men slip, Kutcher may or may not be to blame

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Over the course of its nine-season run, it might have seemed like you were the only person in the country who hated the immensely popular CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men. But this season, a million former viewers are right there with you, pal: since the new season starring Ashton Kutcher premiered to a staggering 28 million viewers, ratings for the show have slipped to an average 14.2 million, which is a million below ratings for last season and almost down to half of its premiere audience. 

Although this might seem like a pretty significant loss in viewership, the show is still the top-rated program among eighteen-to-forty-nine-year olds, quashing longtime CBS viewers' hopes of a potential Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman reboot. Still, news of the plummeting ratings doesn't bode fabulously for Kutcher, who has a one-year contract with the show and whose sterling reputation as an actor/entrepreneur/all-around Renaissance man has taken a hit following reports of infidelity. We're talking about the guy who replaced Charlie Sheen, though, so in terms of public image, having unprotected sex with a woman who is not your wife is like teaching chess to inner-city youth at a Boys and Girls Club in comparison.