Real World star suing HBO over fake cartoon from Entourage

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Do you remember John Devenanzio from The Real World: Key West or Real World vs. Road Rules: On the Craggy Slopes of Body Shot Mountain? No? Would you remember him if I used his on-screen nickname, "Johnny Bananas?" Still no? Well, don't tell him that; the reality show veteran is suing HBO, Time Warner, and Entourage creator Doug Ellin over the show's creation of a cartoon called Johnny Bananas. (If I were a meaner person, I might have say that, in truth, this is really the story of two cartoons named Johnny Bananas, only one of which is animated. Oops. I guess I am actually that mean.)

In case you've never seen the show, let me answer some questions for you. No, the (fake) cartoon is not based on Johnny Bananas. And no, there is literally no connection beyond the name. And no, he didn't have a trademark on it. Which is probably why his case sounds so baseless! Because it is:

It appears that Devenanzio is not asserting any allegation of trademark infringement, but rather accusing HBO of violating his publicity and privacy rights, defaming him, and causing emotional distress.

But perhaps the best part of this story — besides the idea of Entourage taking a hit, because I must admit that I do not like that show at all — is Johnny Bananas' representation, one Ms. Stephanie Ovadia. She's been in the news before; she was the lawyer who represented Lindsay Lohan when Lohan unsuccessfully sued eTrade for using the name "Lindsay" in a commercial. This should give you a pretty good indication of just how far Devenanzio will get with his case.