“Reno 911!” tweaked ever so slightly, picked up by FX

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Reno 911

The creators of Reno 911! are taking no great pains to distance their new FX show U.S.S. Alabama from its Comedy Central predecessor. Following a hapless group of space missionaries, FX president John Landgraf explains, "It takes place in space with a crew of spacefarers who might not be much brighter than the cops in Reno 911U.S.S. Alabama will be partially scripted, partially improvised like Reno 911. "

It looks like Reno creators Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant might be holding onto a grudge. Even when your PR people say "It’s basically the same show on another network, slightly tweaked so we can’t be sued," you know they’re bitter about getting canceled and basically don’t give a fuck. That’s what Comedy Central gets for replacing an awesome female character (Johnson) with another less-than-stellar actress, and then axing the show altogether. Passive-aggressive press releases.

Via AV Club