Ricky Gervais is creating a television show about atheism

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Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais is teaming up with former executive producer of Dexter, Clyde Phillips, for what sounds like a darkly hilarious new show. The premise for Afterlife is simple: an atheist dies and goes to heaven. It'll be interesting, if somewhat paradoxical, to see what sorts of eternal rewards the non-believer reaps. The pilot is currently being written and filming is set to begin early next year, which leaves you plenty of time to set your DVR.

The subject matter is nothing new for Gervais, who has been vocal about his atheism. (His 2009 film The Invention of Lying had similar themes, as an underachiever attempts to introduce the concept of God to a blissfully naive society.) But it's Phillips' contributions to the project that should be most interesting, given the dark and morbid nature of Dexter.