Ricky Gervais may again host Golden Globes, will host Oscars for half-price

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After angering the HFPA, Gervais may once again reprise his hosting role.

If you're a celebrity with a checkered past or a bad resume, you might want to sit this one out. After his performance at last year's Golden Globes, Ricky Gervais' jokes about the Hollywood Foreign Press and celebrities alike were deemed inappropriate by everyone in attendance (except Christian Bale, who called Gervais a comedic genius).  

Many thought Ricky Gervais would never host an awards show again. But with the current shortage of proper awards-ceremony emcees, NBC has unofficially offered Gervais another shot at the podium. Gervais confirmed these suspicions during a recent taping of Access Hollywood where he mentioned that the deal is mere speculation without the support of the HFPS. 

“I think NBC wants me to do it, but [the] Hollywood Foreign Press have got to want me as well… It’s their event. It’s their party. ”

Philip Berk, president of the Hollywood Foreign Press (who sponsor the Golden Globes) took Gervais' act at the previous ceremony as having "crossed the line". It's people like Berk (who also felt Gervais' barbs after a remark about his false teeth) who must be convinced before The Office creator's repeat performance can be booked. Also, with the current hosting problems facing this year's Oscars, Gervais has even offered NBC something of a two-fer — jokingly offering to emcee the Oscars at a discounted price.

With backlash already mounting (unnamed A-listers are refusing to attend), I think people are giving the Golden Globes too much gravitas. I know the Hollywood Foreign Press wants to think of their little back-slapping session as a high accolade, but nobody really cares that much about the Golden Globes. So I say let Gervais host once again. I mean, celebrities are constantly being praised for their talent and looks. If you have to watch them receive a trophy to that effect, it's nice to see them taken down a peg.