Rob Lowe to Oprah: Sex tape was the “greatest thing that ever happened to me”

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Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe is pretty much the opposite of Charlie Sheen, and there's a reason for that. On a visit to the The Oprah Winfey Show, Lowe told Oprah that the sex tape from his youth made him the man he is today.  

Lowe's late-'80s sex tape featured a girl who turned out to be only sixteen; the resulting scandal helped pull the actor out of addiction. The tape was also, he notes, one of the first of its kind. As he put it,

"Sometimes being a trailblazer is highly overrated. … [But] it ends up being the greatest thing that ever happened to me. Because what it ends up doing is accelerating my alcohol [addiction] to where I finally get sober. I have been able to have the rest of my life that I'm so blessed with, which is now 20 years of sobriety."

Well that's nice. He also explains that he met the underage girl at a twenty-one-and-up club, and he just sweetly figured that everybody else was always honest all the time, so he didn't think he had to worry about it. He covers this and more in his new memoir, Stories I Only Tell My Friends, which he's been promoting lately. And if you're interested, you'll have to watch Lowe's talk with Oprah here, since the cunning media queen so valiantly protects her videos from being embedded elsewhere.