Somehow, Rob Schneider is returning to TV

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Schneider looking as disappointed as I will be during midseason

Former SNL cast member/ Adam Sandler entourage-filler Rob Schneider must have friends in high places. He originally wore out his welcome way back in the early 2000s with a string of movies like The Hot Chick, The Animal, Deuce Bigelow: Male Gigolo, and other films that shouldn't be screened near an open flame.

But despite his hard-earned reputation for making exclusively terrible things, the disheveled, permanently unshaven Schneider will be returning to primetime with a yet-to-be-titled sitcom. CBS has ordered eight episodes for a show about a white man who marries into a Mexican family (inspired by the real Schneider having done just that a few years back). Although I can only assume it'll be full of painful jokes about loudness, laziness, and babies with pierced ears, at least we'll get to see the venerable Cheech Marin as Schneider's father-in-law.

Despite the presence of Marin (as well as a number of other talented Latin folks), the word on this show is already less than promising. It didn't make it to the fall-season draft, due to a lackluster first pilot which was subsequently re-written, re-shot, and re-cast. As a mid-season replacement, it'll now have its chance, but we're hoping that even the mighty hand of Adam Sandler can't keep Schneider on the air this time.