Runaway weather graphics take over local Idaho newscast

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When we turn on a newscast, we expect a fairly seamless reporting of events, though we're well aware that things can sometimes go awry — as they did in the case of a recent newscast on Idaho's KIDK Channel 3, a local CBS affiliate, which ran into a little snafu with some of the weather graphics. Bar graphs of the weather information began to slowly invade the screen like a flesh-eating disease, and the timing was not auspicious, to say the least. Though the newscasters commendably soldiered on while apologizing, they couldn't contain their giggles while informing viewers that a twenty-year-old Bonneville County student had been struck by a car, with his head going through a windshield.

The anchors also laughed through the reporting of a nine-vehicle accident, and a rear-ending of a Jeep by a Toyota which hospitalized two. Why couldn't the weather graphics hijack the telecast during a story of someone getting pie'd? Oh those mischievous weather graphics! At least it was sunny.