Salma Hayek and ABC to produce “Wicked” miniseries

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Don't worry, people who hate musicals: it's based on the book! Which, for anyone who's never read it, is very different from the story that ended up on Broadway/in the dreams of every gay boy under the age of eighteen. ABC and Ventanarosa Productions — the company founded by Salma Hayek which also brought us Ugly Bettywill be teaming up to bring us an eight-hour miniseries based (they stress) off Gregory Maguire's novel Wicked. This means there will be a lot less "Defying Gravity" and a lot more weird sex.

(And I do mean weird: this takes place in a world where there are sentient animals, after all, and (slight spoiler) several characters do visit an underground burlesque show/sex club, if my memory serves me right. A tiger was involved. That probably won't make it to ABC.)

There is also a possibility that Hayek will play a role in the miniseries as well, though it's so early in the process nothing is certain. Perhaps the oddest part of all this — and, actually, one of the things that's making me a bit more confident about this project — is that the TV adaptation will be penned by Erik Jendresen, best known for writing some very painful episodes of Band of Brothers. Unexpected, certainly, but hopefully he can keep some of the novel's darkness that the musical version lost.