Scott Pelley replaces Katie Couric as anchor of CBS Evening News

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CBS announced today that vanilla front-runner Scott Pelley of 60 Minutes will replace Katie Couric as anchor of CBS Evening News. The twenty-two-year veteran of CBS News will bring his brand of mild indignation to the anchor's chair beginning June 6, and he'll have his work cut out as he tries to lift CBS out of their perennial third-place doldrums. Pelley is a safe choice to replace the unspectacular Couric, and don't expect to see him appearing on any sitcoms, unlike fellow anchor Brian Williams of NBC.

The fifty-three-year-old native Texan has a long and distinguished body of work under his belt, having served as the network's chief White House correspondent, as well as covering wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and some of the worst natural disasters of recent years. Since joining 60 Minutes in 2004, he's conducted interviews with some of the biggest names on the planet, and hasn't shied from the incisive, hardball questions avoided by more appeasing journalists. The era of CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley has officially begun.