See: Jon Stewart becomes Batman

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For one short, glorious minute last night, Jon Stewart was Batman. How did the man born as Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz become Gotham's Caped Crusader? The unlikely transformation stemmed from a conversation with Commissioner Gordon Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, who basically told Stewart, "Yes, you can game my life's work in order to fulfill your juvenile fantasy." 

And within the minute, one succinctly heroic sentence was added to Stewart's Wikipedia page. 

The situation lasted for, according to Animal, "not two minutes" — which is actually minutes shorter than Wales had estimated it would last. But really, isn't Jon Stewart kind of like a Batman, using his heightened stature to police people the media, hold accountable crooks and corrupt politicians, and vigilantly protect our romantic ideals?

Eh, maybe. Anyway, you can watch the clip below to see how Stewart spent his short time as Batman.

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