See “The Simpsons'” second subtle attack on Fox News

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Last week people Fox News contributors were outraged when The Simpsons took a sly shot at their network, with a Fox News helicopter that proclaimed on the side, "Not Racist, But #1 With Racists." As I said, unless you were Bill O'Reilly, you probably found this amusing. (Also, some might disagree and say that Fox News can, in fact, be racist. But that's probably an argument for another time.)

Well, this week the show continued its mini-war on the news station with another helicopter shot and a totally new slogan. Compare both shots below:

I have a seventy-six-year-old aunt who would resent the implication she might watch Fox News, but still: true that, The Simpsons. And somewhere, Rupert Murdoch — owner of all the entities involved in this little fight — must be laughing maniacally to himself in a pool of cash.